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The official currency is the Czech koruna (CZK).

As of my last training cut-off in 2021, the population was about 10.7 million.

The capital city of the Czech Republic is Prague.

Yes, the Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004.

The Czech Republic has a temperate continental climate, with relatively hot summers and cold, cloudy winters, usually with snow.

The Czech Republic is known for its rich history, stunning architecture including many beautifully preserved castles and chateaus, its fine beers, and beautiful cities like Prague and ?eský Krumlov.

Foreign nationals from outside the EU typically need a job offer first, then the employer applies for a work permit. Once the work permit is issued, the foreign national applies for a long-term visa or long-term residence permit for the purpose of employment.

Yes, the Czech Republic is known for having a high standard of healthcare, funded by a mandatory health insurance scheme.

Cost of living can vary depending on the region and lifestyle, but it is generally considered more affordable compared to many Western European countries.

If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you do not need a work permit. However, if you are from outside of these areas, you will need a work permit and a long-term residence visa for the purpose of employment.

Generally, your employer in the Czech Republic will apply for your work permit. After obtaining the work permit, you will apply for a long-term residence visa for the purpose of employment at the Czech embassy or consulate in your home country.

You will need documents such as a passport, a job contract or agreement with your employer in the Czech Republic, proof of accommodation, and a completed application form. Please check with the Czech Ministry of Interior or your local Czech embassy/consulate for a complete list of requirements.


The processing time varies and can take several weeks or even months. It's advised to start the process well in advance of your intended start date of work.

Work permits are usually valid for the duration of your work contract, up to a maximum of 2 years. It is possible to extend your work permit.

Yes, your family members can apply for a long-term visa for the purpose of family reunification.

If you switch jobs, you will need to apply for a new work permit. The work permit is tied to your specific job and employer.

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