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It’s possible to establish a company in Poland, while the shareholders and management board are staying abroad (even outside EU). The establishing procedure can be made by a proffessional from our law office on the basis of a power of attorney or by selling the shares of a ready made company to the new shareholders.

It depends on many circumstances, especially on the que at the proper registry court. All in all the procedure should finish within a month (usually). The company will have it’s own KRS number, National Registry number and Tax number. It will be also registered in National Statistics Registry, Tax Office and Social Security Office.

The major document is the company incorporation act – it’s a kind of a contract between shareholders and concerns the most important subjects in the company like list of shareholders, company’s headquarters, share capital etc. We strongly advice to have company incorporation act prepared by a proffessional lawyer, as it has got a huge impact on functioning of the company. Making any mistakes at this point, can cause a lot of problems and misunderstandings between shareholders in the future. Our law office specializes in preparing such documentation, after consultation with shareholders. The other documents are list of shareholders, list of management board, their addresses, statements about share capital.

Yes, after establishing a LLC in Poland you can apply for a business visa to Poland. After coming to Poland you can also apply for a temporary residence permit on the basis of conducting business, and later for EU long term resident permit.

Yes, the company must have it’s own address, which will be used mainly for correspondence. On the beginning of your business in Poland we strongly recommend to use an virtual office, as the price of the rent is low, and such address is accepted by registry courts.

Our law office provides full backup for legal services for companies and can handle everything needed to the registry court (as the LLC company must send statements and yearly information to the registry court) and current activity. Only in tax matters, we advice to have an accountant.

As a result of cooperation with our law office, your company:

  1. will have it’s articles of association signed in a Notary Public Office in Poland;
  2. will be registered in the National Company Registry (KRS) and will obtain it’s individual KRS number;
  3. will get tax identification number (NIP);
  4. will get statistical number (REGON);
  5. will be registered in Polish Social Security Service (ZUS);
  6. will have it’s own address in Poland.

Yes, in this situation you can also have our complex legal backup on all of the steps regarding establishing a LLC company.


For detailed information, please contact us on the email or WhatsApp.

If the share capital will be held only by foreigners, then it will be needed to obtain a permission from proper ministry in Poland to buy a piece of land – our law office can handle this procedure. There are no limits in buying flats, it can be bought by you or your company without any permissions.

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