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The Health and Care visa is open to healthcare and adult social care workers with an eligible job offer for an authorised sponsor.

NHS organisations can sponsor workers provided they have a valid sponsorship licence and that the visa conditions are met by the worker and the role.


The cost of the Health and Care visa depends on where you're applying from and how long you will working in the UK for. For example, if the worker is applying from overseas and the Certificate of Sponsorship is being issued for 3 years, the Health and Care Visa application costs £247.

You have to earn at least £26,200 per year or £10.75 per hour. If the 'going rate' for your position is greater than both of these, you will need to be paid at least the going rate.


Health and care workers can be joined by the family members, provioded they meet the visa requirements as a dependant.

Health and care workers are exempt from the UK Immigration Health Surcharge.


Only workers employed in eligible roles are eligible for the Health and Care visa. Carers were added to the Shortage Occupation List in February 2022, but this status remains subject to government review and change.

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