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The Labour market test is not required if:

  • the exercised profession is listed in the register of the Governor https://www.poznan.uw.gov.pl/kryteria-wydawania-zezwolen(link is external), or

  • the exercised profession is included in the list attached to the Regulation of the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy of 28 June 2018 amending the Regulation on determining the cases in which a work permit for a foreigner is issued regardless of the detailed conditions for issuing work permits for foreigners https://www.poznan.uw.gov.pl/kryteria-wydawania-zezwolen(link is external), or

  • immediately prior to submitting your application, you held a work permit, a residence and work permit or a temporary residence permit for the purpose of highly qualified employment with the same employer in the same position, or

  • you were already legally employed in the territory of the Republic of Poland for 2 years on the basis of a temporary residence permit for the purpose of highly qualified employment, or

  • you meet the conditions for exemption from the obligation to have a work permit, as specified in separate regulations - e.g. you are a graduate of full-time studies in Poland, you hold the Card of the Pole, or

  • at least 3 months before submitting the application, you had been working on the basis of a registered declaration of employment.

Yes, obtaining a permit does not exempt you from meeting the requirements for the exercise of regulated professions or activities set out in separate regulations.

  • If you are going to start working for an employer other than the one specified in the permit, or if you want to change your job, your salary will be reduced, apply for a change in the temporary residence permit. The application must be submitted to the provincial Governor in whose territory you are staying.

  • The application for a change of permit is enclosed with Annex No. 1, the employment contract, the information of the head of the county (unless you meet the requirements for exemption).

Without changing your permit during the first 2 years of your stay on the territory of Poland on the basis of this permit, you cannot start working on conditions other than those specified in the permit.

The remuneration may not be lower than the equivalent of 150% of the average gross monthly remuneration.

A higher education diploma or documents confirming, that you have five years of professional experience, e.g. a certificate of employment.

Documents in a foreign language should be submitted with a translation into Polish made by a sworn translator/certified translation.

Yes, you must submit your diploma together with a translation made by a Polish sworn translator entered on the list of sworn translators issued by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland(link is external).

The duration of the permit depends on the duration of your employment contract. If the agreement is valid for a period shorter than 3 years, the permit will be granted for a period of 3 months longer than the agreement, but not longer than 3 years. If the agreement is concluded for a period longer than 3 years, the permit will be granted for a period of 3 years.

The permit may be applied for by a foreigner whose purpose of stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland is to work in a profession requiring higher education or to have at least 5 years of professional experience in a given position. The condition for granting a residence permit for the purpose of performing work in a highly qualified profession is also a monthly salary of at least PLN 7751,21 gross.

An individual who wants to apply for a permit to work in a highly qualified profession in the European Union, including Poland, usually applies for an EU Blue Card.

Eligibility to apply for the EU Blue Card includes the following:

  1. Non-EU National: The applicant should be a non-EU citizen.
  2. Higher Education or Professional Experience: The applicant must have a higher education degree (at least a Bachelor's degree) or have at least five years of relevant professional experience.
  3. Job Offer or Contract: The applicant must have a binding job offer or an active work contract for at least one year with an employer in the host EU country.
  4. Salary Threshold: The applicant's expected salary must be at least 1.5 times (in some countries 1.2 times) the average gross annual salary in the specific EU member state.
  5. Health Insurance: The applicant should have comprehensive health insurance that covers them in the host EU country.

As to when you can apply, it is usually after you have a job offer or contract from an employer in the EU country where you wish to work. The employer often starts the application process, but you may also apply yourself.

It's important to note that the specific requirements and process can vary between EU member states, so it's advised to check the specific regulations of the country where you wish to work. For Poland, for example, applications are typically submitted to the Voivodeship Office competent for the place of your intended work.

Lastly, remember that an EU Blue Card is specifically for "highly qualified employment" and requires a high skill level, such as complex tasks that necessitate significant judgment, a high level of knowledge, and ability to design and develop research projects.

  1. employment contract/order/work contract for a period of at least 1 year;
  2. evidence of higher professional qualifications - diploma of graduation or evidence of 5 years of professional experience in a given position, e.g. certificate of employment;
  3. health insurance;
  4. Labour market test - if you are not exempt from the necessity to submit it.

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