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The most common form of obtaining a work permit for a foreigner is ‘Declaration to employ  a foreigner’.

This type of work permit can be described as a simplified procedure for obtaining a work permit. This procedure can be used for citizens of : Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

The standard procedure concerns obtaining a work permit for a type A or type B foreigner.

Type A work permits apply to all employees other than board members

Type B work permits apply to board members

In Poland, the largest number of economic migrants are citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, China and Vietnam (data from January 2020). Most often, work permits are applied for by foreigners from neighboring countries or from countries where there is an excess of labor force who cannot find work in their home country. Employing foreigners in Poland is by far from cities with over 500,000. residents (21%).

Simplified procedure: Statement on entrusting work to a foreigner

  1. What citizens can apply for a work permit: this procedure applies to citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine
  2. Authorizes the foreigner to work within 6 months within the next 12 months. After the 12-month period, you can re-submit the statement for the next 12 months.
  3. Waiting time for decisions – usually 7 days, in individual cases up to 30 days
  4. Tax – 30 PLN.

Standard procedure: Type A or type B work permit for a foreigner to work in Poland

  1. What citizens can apply for a work permit: this procedure applies to citizens of all countries.
  2. Type A permit – for a foreigner working in Poland, pursuant to a contract with an entity whose registered office, place of residence or branch, plant or other form of organized activity is located in Poland.
    Type B work permit – for board members.
    Type A work permit is issued for a period of max. 3 years. Type B permit is issued for a period of 3 or 5 years.
  3. Waiting time for a decision: 2-3 months
  4. Tax – PLN 100.

An important issue is the qualifications for the profession of specialist employees, the so-called professional qualifications: operators of construction machinery, road machines, electricians, welders, etc. Numerous training centers offer courses for welders, operators and other specialists. Course cost from  1000 to 2000 PLN. The courses last from 1 to several weeks. The training prepares you to pass the exam and obtain permissions. On the example of the welder, permits are issued for a period of 2 years.

Documents that will be needed:

An apostiled notary copy of the passport
• An apostiled notary copy of the documents proving work qualifications and education (copies confirmed by notary and consulate)
• Contract of employment
• POA for AtoZ Serwis Plus Sp z o oemployee – we prepare the draft and your signature is confirmed by notary and apostilled

Foreigners with qualifications have more chances to obtain the work permit, the demand for professionals with several years of experience is constantly growing. The greatest demand is in construction sector. Demand for foreigners is for simple jobs but also for jobs for foreigners – professionals such as bricklayer, stonemason, welder, steel structure fitter, carpenter, roofer, etc. According to experts, approximately 22% of foreign employees work in construction. The most frequently chosen professions include production workers, seamstresses, room service, cashiers and cashiers in supermarkets or mechanics, transport industry: truck driver and mechanic and gastronomy: cook, waiter, cashier. There is a great demand for IT employees and call center employees. Often foreigners work below their qualifications. The main reason here is ignorance of the Polish language.

In 2020, the minimum wage for foreigners and Poles is 2600 PLN gross, which means 1920 PLN net, and the minimum hourly rate is 17 PLN gross. That is what every foreigner should earn, according to the law.

Foreigners working in managerial and IT positions receive the best salaries. Foreign IT employees are able to achieve salaries of PLN 5,000 or more. In the industry related to the production of cars – an average of PLN 2,500 net, i.e. PLN 3,421.90 gross.

In Poland there is a constant shortage of labor force. Out of 38.4 million inhabitants, only 16.5 million work. According to Eurostat, which analyze  employment between the ages of 20 and 64, the EU average was 73.1%. For Poland, is 72.2%. while for Sweden is 82.4%.

In the coming years, Polish employers will be looking for employees from abroad. Thus, the subject of work permits for foreigners in Poland is valid for many years.

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