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A Dependent Visa is a type of Visa that permits the spouses and kids to travel to an overseas nation for the purpose of accompanying/joining the family member with a corresponding Visa.

There are several documents needed for Spouse Visa. The exact documents will depend on the nationality of the spouse and the nation of residence. Passport copy, Birth certificate, proof of relationship, police reports, etc will be needed.

The fundamental documents required are:

  • Wedding certificate
  • Photographs of passport size
  • Valid Passport
  • Photographs demonstrating the authenticity of a relationship like family photographs etc
  • Joint housing bills
  • Joint statements of bank account
  • Any other requirements as specified by the Immigration authorities

The processing times for Spouse Visa are variable based on the nation of immigration and individual circumstances. It can take around a few weeks to few months.

The English test required for Spouse Visa is IELTS.

You can apply for the Family Visa by collating the required documents:

  • Current travel ID or Passport that is valid
  • Expired passports
  • Evidence of relationship to the family member who is sponsoring you
  • Evidence that you can fulfil the maintenance or monetary requirement
  • Evidence of having knowledge of the English language

After collating the required documents:

  • Book an appointment for the Visa interview
  • Fill the Visa application form
  • Collate the necessary documents
  • Attend the interview for the Visa
  • Pay the required Visa fee
  • Wait for the decision on your Visa application

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